Kampgrounds of America, Inc.’s (KOA) latest report on Glamping, part of its annual Camping and Outdoor Hospitality Report series, found the genre continues to grow in popularity, with 34 percent of new campers identifying themselves as “Glampers.”

Key findings on the trend found in the KOA Report include:

  • Nearly one-half of consumers who tried Glamping for the first time in the last year were Millennials with disposable income, with 37 percent reporting a household income of $100,000 or greater.
  • Last year, one of every three new glamping households included Black (20 percent) or Hispanic (13 percent) consumers.
  • One-third of new campers said they tried Glamping in 2023 and of those first-timers intending to glamp again, 80 percent said they would continue camping or Glamping.
  • Four out of 10 Glampers said that the idea of safety is one of the factors that attracts them to category. Among those who choose to Glamp for safety reasons, the demographics skew younger, with 61 percent being Millennials or Gen Z, 58 percent of campers with kids living at home and 41 percent being people of color.

“In the past five years alone, we’ve seen glamping grow exponentially, and that number only continues to trend upwards as the industry evolves and demand rises for unique experiences alongside the increased need for human connection,” said KOA President and CEO Toby O’Rourke.

“Glamping is a great way to introduce new campers into the camping and outdoor hospitality space, and our research shows that once they try glamping, they become very loyal to outdoor hospitality.”

Glamping Experience

  • Glampers expect more from outdoor hospitality, with importance placed on self-guided services, guided trips and outdoor food services.
  • 84 percent of Glampers favor a dedicated Glamping resort or a full-service campground with bathrooms, showers, on-site activities, a store, food service, and Wi-Fi.
  • Glamper’s preferred accommodation is a cabin, typically favored by boomers and guests without kids.
  • In 2024, glampers are more interested in trips that include natural events, food tourism, all-inclusive outdoor resorts, agritourism, and wellness travel.
  • Enhancing physical and mental well-being is also high on the list of interests for glampers, with many seeking water-based experiences, outdoor yoga or meditation and mindful strolls. Glampers also find the idea of digital detox appealing.
  • Technology is essential, as Glampers are more tech-savvy, having used AI or planning to use AI to plan trips more frequently than other camper categories.

KOA’s latest report on Glamping results from 4,100 surveys completed among a random sample of U.S. (n=2,900) and Canadian (n=1,200) households. To view the full report, go here.

Image courtesy Dunton River Camp